About me

There are a lot of content writers out there… How to know which one to choose? Let’s start with some introduction!

My story

Let me introduce myself! I’m Coline Cazoulat, born and raised in France.

Passionate about writing and a travel lover, I initially pursued English studies in Rouen. I would often leave Normandy to explore every corner of the globe… My first summer job? I was a Cast Member at Disney World, Florida. My first year of master’s degree? I participated in the Erasmus program in UCD, Dublin.

I obtained my English teaching degree in 2018. While teaching high school students, I quickly realized one thing. Despite my love for the subject, I felt that teaching wasn’t fulfilling me completely… My passion for words was stronger than ever!

I then dared to make a career change in 2021. My decision was made: I would put my pen to use to help businesses online.

To achieve this, I began online training for several months. I later left the French Education system to gain experience at a web agency as a Content Manager before establishing my own business in 2022. Cazoulat Rédaction Web was born! Today, I live in the Norman countryside, near Rouen and Le Havre, while continuing to travel from time to time…

A slightly unconventional path for sure, but always driven by one desire: to write with purpose. Today, I’m happy to contribute to the success of my clients through the power of my words!

My Skills

I firmly believe that writing for others cannot be improvised.

Content Writing Training

I chose the FRW organization to learn from the best. Accredited with Qualiopi, it was founded by Lucie Rondelet, a prominent figure in French SEO and copywriting.

Voltaire Certificate – Expert Level

My texts are always written with great care, without grammar mistakes. I even achieved the highest level in the French spelling test of the Voltaire Certificate.

French-English Writing

Need to reach an international audience? Being perfectly bilingual, I can write content for you in French or English.

My values

Through my work, I also share what drives me on a daily basis.


Carefully collecting sources, flawless spelling, careful formatting… I always deliver the best version of my texts. Whether it’s a homepage, an article, or a product description!


Understanding a specific field, finding the right words, targeting the expectations of the reader… My ability to adapt allows me to write for a wide range of sectors.


Who needs a freelancer who wastes your time? A good content writer should precisely help you move your project forward! My clients know it: they don’t get overwhelmed with unnecessary emails or calls from me. On the contrary, they can trust me to work efficiently on my own.


Without passion, it is impossible to succeed in what we do. I deeply love my job and the writing tasks that come with it. My ultimate goal? To deliver texts that I am proud of and that help your business shine.

Coline Cazoulat, rédactrice Web freelance de Normandie (Yvetot, entre Rouen, Le Havre et Dieppe)

If you believe that your group deserves better than:

👉 soulless texts generated by ChatGPT,

👉 content stuffed with keywords and without any value,

👉 or writings that simply do not reflect your identity…

Then we share the exact same vision!